Thursday, August 1, 2013

I'm Back and Bigger Than Ever (just ask my scale)

It's true I am back and I am bigger than ever....well almost.  I am six pounds short of my all time high of 218 lbs.  Oh, yeah and my family is bigger than ever too.  Now there are six children running around here, and I do mean running.  Just ask the two who went to bed early because they ran into the parking lot at the store. But I digress.  So much running around in fact that I haven't really had the energy to chase them around and then sit down to keep up with a blog.  I think Carrie and I have gained just enough traction in order for me to resume blogging.

So what to write about.  Well there certainly is no shortage of comedy and drama to record around here, so there will be plenty of that.  I have plenty of strong opinions (you know what they say about opinions) concerning religion, politics and of course adoption, but for the next 28 days at least I will be blogging about a major change in our lifestyle regarding our health.  So let's begin with that.

The Statistics (yikes)
Weight - 212 lbs. (Don't know for sure what I should weigh but I was 130 lbs. when I graduated high school)

L.D.L. - 177 (should be under 130 and preferably under 100)

Total Cholesterol - 287 (should be under 200 and preferably under 150)

Triglycerides - 296 (should be under 150)

That's Pretty Bad Brian, But How Do You Feel?
Well I'm glad you asked.  I feel like crap actually.  As I have gained weight I have begun to snore again and my sleep apnea has returned.  I have heartburn most nights, and it is uncomfortable for me to sit here and type because my stomach is pinched between my ribs and pelvis.  My back hurts, I am stiff.  I have much less energy.  I want to sleep all the time.  I am always hot.  Being fat really sucks to be perfectly honest.

Well, What Are You Going To Do About It Fatty?
Well I'll tell you what I'm going to do about it, over the next 28 days and beyond.  You will just have to read this blog to find out.  Lets just say that we are taking radical steps around here to make some permanent changes that I hope will mean better health and better quality of life for me, for Carrie, and most importantly for our six little minions.  The adventure begins today, Thursday, August 1st.

Stay Posted


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