Monday, August 12, 2013

A Saturday Dinner

Saturday night we had hamburgers, corn, salad and fruit for dinner.  The hamburgers were Morning Star Farms Grillers.  The Buns were Ezekiel Buns and the salad was Romaine, Avocado and Tomato.
Note to my family and friends who are concerned about protein:  The patty alone supplied 75% of my children's daily need.  The pistachios that they had for a snack earlier supplied another 25%.  When you add in breakfast and lunch, the kids went way over on their protein requirements for the day.  Oops, I had better be careful not to give them too much protein on this vegetarian diet!  I don't want them to stress their kidneys at such an early age (snicker)!    Between the burger and bun Carrie and I received over 50% of our daily need of protein. I think I will do a post later about the whole "vegetarians don't get enough protein" fallacy.

Here is a closeup of the salad

Here is our new Mayonnaise. 
It is fat free and about 10 calories when used on a sandwich or burger.

Here is a closer closeup of the salad with the dressing.
Anyone want the recipe for this?
It was yummy.

All in all the dinner was fantastic, filling, yummy and the kids loved it too.  Looking forward to hearing more feedback or questions from you guys.


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  1. Yes - what is in that dressing! Tomatoes, peppers and avocados are all readily available in Congo, far more than lettuce, so I'd be interested into a new way to make them into a salad!