Monday, October 31, 2011

If You Are what You Eat Then I'm A Fishken

I have been going to Quick weight Loss for 10 weeks now, and I have lost 38 lbs.  I feel great and I have started jogging and walking (OK mostly walking).  The only thing is I am totally burned out on chicken and fish.  Under dietary guidlines I can have grilled, boneless chicken breast.  I can't have sauce on it such as BBQ or Teriyaki, nor can I have any spice rubs that contain salt or sugar.  So for the most part I have grilled chicken breast (or fish) with Mrs. Dash. or garlic and pepper.  Quite frankly, I think I am about to sprout feathers.  My goal is to get down to 150 lbs. by Christmas which is exactly eight weeks from today.  I have been thinking alot about food and though I will spend the following year going to QWL to manage and stabalize my weight, I will be allowed to eat pretty much anything I want.....just not so much of it.  Right now though if you are what you eat, I am totally a Fishken, which made me wonder what the rest of the family are if they are what they eat.
Carrie-eats lots of popcorn and cheese which I guess makes her a Cheesepop.
Grace- loves Nutella as well as Ramen noodles, so I guess she's a Noodlenut.
Haven- goes crazy for yogurt drinks and baked potatoes, so he must be a Yogurtato.
JoJo - scarfs down bananas and grapes so I suppose he is a Grapana
Manny- hmm, Manny likes everything so I guess he is a kitchen sink.
So there you have it.  The Wood Family, also known as the Fishkencheesepopnoodlenutyogurtatograpanakitchensinks.

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