Friday, October 7, 2011

Bits and Pieces

So yesterday marked week 8 of my attempt to lose weight through Quick Weight Loss Center.  I have lost 31 lbs.  I am doing this because I know that at age 48, I need to get serious about taking care of myself if I'm going to be around to raise my children.  This morning I was reminded of just how old I'm getting when I hurt my back.  Would you like to guess how?  Below are several choices.  Try to guess how I got hurt.
A. Picking up lots and lots of toys off of the floor.
B. Taking out the Trash
C. Stooping over to clean up Skipper Puke
D. Picking up one of my four children.
E. Sneezing

Words of Wisdom by Grace Wood:
Ducks do not eat clouds.  They eat bread.
Ants do not drink milk.  It is too yucky

Right now as I write this, Manny is wearing one of Carrie's underwear around his neck like a cloth necklace.

I Hate the Doorbell
As I stated earlier, I am a little over weight and therefore always hot.  When I am home I generally wear a pair of shorts and nothing else.  The youngest two usually are in a pair of diapers and nothing else, and Grace though very skinny is also very hot natured so she usually wears only underwear around the house.  See a trend here?  Haven, because he is potty training usually wears a shirt and nothing else (a black sheep in every family I guess).  Generally I don't mind that we are not wearing alot of clothing since I am also the one who does the laundry.  That is until the doorbell rings.  Then all hell breaks loose.  The dog starts barking.  The littles start running in circles yelling dada bobobo.  Grace and Haven run to the door but can't unlock the deadbolt, so they are screaming at me as if I didn't know what just happened, and I go running for the closet for a shirt.  Now of course I am tempted to not answer it but the circus inside is a dead giveaway that somebody is home.  So after at least a minute I open the door to find that no one is standing there.  Just a package from the Package Fairy.  I hate the Package Fairy.....unless she is here to deliver something to me!

Keeping the floor picked up is like using a pushbroom to keep back the ocean tide.
JoJo only likes to poop in diapers that he has been wearing for five minutes or less.
Manny, drinks milk like he is training for the beer chugging contest at the fraternity house.
Manny and JoJo can tell when I am getting a jug of milk out of the fridge (as opposed to something else).
What is it about toilet water that Manny finds to fascinating?  Today he was dipping Grace's comb in it.
We have what seems like a hundred movies on DVD for the kids, yet Grace and Haven can't seem to find ONE that they both want to watch.

I hurt my back sneezing.

Have a wonderful weekend and God bless.

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